Quotes added on Thursday, February 9 2006

"i'll tell you. if that girl were to hang herself right here && now she'd do it with a red feather boa tied to a diamond shoe rack. she is just too damn G L A M O R O U S."
Time is ticking away!
I haven't seen you all day!
I miss you so much, I could just cry sometimes!
I wish I could be sitting there in that empty chair next to you.
I just wish you would come to me and say a simple but sweet "hello"
Where are you I will never Know, It kills me that I just can't be with you,
and yet more time is ticking away...And I will never know if you are safe and sound.
And I just here my little clock go tic tock, and yet I hear you not.
ever since the first time our eyes met <33 i
knew that i can't look at someone else that
same & special way .. your my only one ♥
Don't make someone ur
e v e r y t h i n g
because when they're
gone, you've got
n o t h i n g
♥Someone asked me
"Do you like him"
and i said
"No, i don't like
him, i L O V E him"♥

it;s suppoused to have hearts
in the beginning and the end
sry if it doesn't work
Me and my girlz
are cooler than
p o p s i c l e s
you and ur friends are
cool like califlower

me and MY friends are
cool like candy

(it means that your friends aren't cool)
*best friends can see the truth*
in your eyes while the rest are
fooled by your smile && laugh...
someone asked me why do you love him
so much?! but before i could answer my
bestt friendd put her hand over my mouthh
&& said " dont even get her started.. " <|3
ii wanna be his favorite hello
and his hardest goodbyee... <3
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