Quotes added on Friday, February 10 2006

i love walking in the rain
because then they cant see my *tears*
There are _2_ kinds of people in this world...
those who lie alone at night
with tears in their eyes
and those who play hopscotch
and _sing in the shower_

[which are you]

words in [] are optional
Be Kind to those who are mean

Smile to someone who frowns

Love everyone equaliy

Have Fun

Help those who are less fourtunate than you


not what your friends want you to be.

Because those friends will dump you sooner or later sofind someone who just lets you be YOU
`you will be much happier.

Just Remember This!
God Loves everyone!
brothers and sisters put this record down
take my advice cause we are bad news
we will leave you high and dry
it's not worth the hearing you'll lose
it's just past 8:00 and I'm feeling young and reckless

the ribbon on my wrist says:
do not open before Christmas

we're only liars but we're the best
we're only good for the latest trend
we're only good cause you can have almost famous friends
besides we've got such good fashion sense

brothers and sisters-put these words down
into your notebook spit lines like these:
we're friends when you're on your knees
make them dance like we were shooting their feet

Fall Out Boy: Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sewd
Dear lord...

i met this great guy
and one thing led to another
i really thought it was true
but when i told him that 9 months from now
our lives would never be the same again
hed be a daddy
and id be a mommy
he up and left not even with a good bye
or an im sorryfor all that he caused
9 months later out came ellie
and out the door i went
how could i do this?
im only 16
my parents dont want me
and kyle is gone
how could i servive with only god on my side?
lord, please help me through this...i dont
think i can do this on my own

100% me...but not true
As i sit here in this classroom knowing my crush is 2 classrooms away from me..
I cant stop thinkin of him ..
he probly doesnt even know my name...
sometimes when i walk passed him in the hallway he looks at me i try not 2 look back cause i know if i look back at him i know ill never i have tat face to myself......
Breaking up is the hardest thing to do! To Love.. It's way easier!
Breaking up is the hardest thing to do! To Love.. It's way easier!
Breaking up is the hardest thing to do! To Love.. It's way easier!
we're gorge and we're the best of friends
the guys want us and you hate it
just admit it your jelious
but heres some advice from us to you so take it to heart
don't want what you can't have<3
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