Quotes added on Friday, February 10 2006

& what would you think of me now? so lucky ; so strong ; so proud.. i never said thank you for that. and now i'll never get a chance. may angels lead you in. hear you me, my friends. on sleepless roads the sleepless go, may angels lead you in. & if you were w / me tonight, i'd sing to you just one last time. a song for a heart so big -God couldn't let it live.

jimmy eat world - hear me you
when everything's wrong, i just [ pick the phone up ] - the sound of your voice ; well, it fills my eyes with tears of * joy 'cos i know you'll be there when i'm hanging by a thread ; you're my heaven sent

hilary duff - shine
i'll be [ your crying shoulder ] - i'll be love's suicide. i'll be better when i'm 0LDER. i'll be the greatest fan of your life..
explain to me .. this conspiracy against me </3
when you've come to the end of your rope ; tie a knot & hang on.
&& sometimes all yew can do is watch your dreams die </3
. i will love you `till they take my <3 away .
what makes Y0U different ; makes you b e a u t i f u l [ to me ] <3
maybe if my heart stops beating
it wont hurt this much ... &
<s>never</s> will i have to answer
again to anyone .

never let this go - paramore ♥
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