Quotes added on Monday, February 13 2006

people used to stopp and stare
people would say wow what a great couple
we used to walk down the street hand in hand
wow one little fight can take that away
who new (not us)

i miss you soo much</3
I hug you u hugg me, i take ure hand u grab mine, i make funn of u make funn of me, i say i hate u u say a dream come true, they say u like me i say oooo, they say i like u u say ooo and we smile at each othr, i say i love u... wait we aint that far yet
We just friends(or thats wat they think)
& the best memories are the
ones you cant explain because
you just - had to be there -
&& i wana be the 1
that you kiss on
Valetines Day 2006
its almost valentines day
and again i dont have a valentine
i could have one
but he wudnt b the right one
and the only one i want
is already taken
by some1 hoo i thought was my friend
second chances are great thingz
but im not so sure if they are great thingzz
wen ur in a relationship
bcuz if u break up wit him
or he breaks up wit u
even if u dont realize it u started to get over eachother even if it was just the tiniest bit it wont b the same as the first time
Me AnD mY gUrLz wE ArE tHe oNe AnD OnLy
i KnOw U HaTe Us BeCaUsE u AiN't Us
CaUse WeRe ThE gUrLz tHaT yOuR mAn WaNts
And EvEry1 wAnTs 2 Be In My CrEw
BuT iF yOur Not HOt ThEn It's OVeR
Me AnD mY gUrLz Are GoiNg 2 bE aLwAyS tOgEtHeR

i lov u anna, marina,josie,nicole,jackie,,marissa and,monica,
Its not about the butterflies in
the first kiss, but that they're still
there in the last one
Lean wit it, rock wit it!!
Lean wit it, rock wit it!!
Lean wit it, rock wit it!!
Lean wit it, rock wit it!!
Lean wit it, rock wit it!!
Lean wit it, rock wit it!!
Lean wit it, rock wit it!!
listen it to this song BRB
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