Quotes added on Tuesday, February 14 2006

& i g0t 2admit
that y0u g0t my attenti0n
y0u're making me wanna say

put "y0" in b0ld.
-chris br0wn // excuse me miss.
&& how i wish you only knew
what i feel inside for you
you probably havent got a clue
but i wish you knew
how i love you baby <3
let`s be nothing
i heard it lasts
f o r e v e r
maybe you could be mine again
maybe we could make that dream for real
like way back then
when love was yours and mine
maybe we could bring it back to life
everytime i turn around
i find my heart in pieces on the ground
so so lonely
im looking for my one & only

-mariah carey
saturday i saw you
holding hands with someone new
somehow i kept my composure
just like everything was cool
but inside i kept repeating
dont you let them see you cry
so i casually turned my head
as the tears rolled down my eyes </3

-mariah carey ; circles
You're where i belong, and when your with me
if i close my eyes, there are times, i swear i feel
like i can fly
no one will ever replace you . .
i pinky promise <3
& if i could tell you one thing, i guess it would
be that i love hearing your voice & that your
smile just happens to brighten my entire day
feeling lost?
don't know what to do?
leave a massage
and i'll get back to you.
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