Quotes added on Wednesday, February 15 2006

"ii used to be gay but now im straight"

haha said by Max!! great times
When I first saw you I could do anything now I cant!
Bees are smart,
Bees are buzzy,
And when they get wet,
Bees are fuzzy.
If its worth the risk take the fall and if its what you want then its worth it all...♥

looks wayy better in Lucida Sans Unicode font 8

Worth-Bold Italic
All- Bold Underline Italic
Its that "no i love YOU more" kinda love <3

I love you Matt!<3
Love is when he just left your house an hour ago but he still calls to tell you goodnight and that he loves you<3

My boyfriend did that on valentines day and i thought it was adorable<3
he makes me smile...
He makes me laugh...
but most of all he makes my heart melt<3
At first i thought i couldnt trust anyone untill you came into my life<3
Whatever women must do, they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. . . Luckily, this is not difficult!!
& all she wants is someone who will love her
and won't break her heart
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