Quotes added on Wednesday, February 22 2006

What happened to the dreams of a girl
president She's dancing in the video
>>next to 50 Cent<<
i DonT wanna be a StuPid girl.

dreams-bold italics
50-blod italics
stupid girl- underlined italics and bold

-stupis girls.Pink.
He lends me a shoulder
When things get tough
Keeps me in line
When things get rough
Hes not a savior
A saint...
He helps me keep my Faith
When I cry, he wipes my tears
And drowns away all my fears***
&& I`ve come to the conclusion that everybody eventually turns out to be the person they swore they`d NEVER be.
Yeah they talk about her; she smiles like
shes so tough. But deep down she`s saying
"hey you can talk a little louder, i don`t
think my heart is broken enough"
She`s my BEST FRIEND...you break her heart, and I`ll break your face.
Falling in love is a risk.
You take a risk to be with
the one that you love. You
take the risk that one day
he's going to break your
heart. But sometimes taking
the risk is worth it. <3

Not my best..
Brittany Original`xo
Admit it. We flirt with each other.
We have so much fun with each other.
We laugh with each other and we even
try to be with each other.
And i believe that we secretly ARE CRAZY FOR
each other. But how come when i think of you
and wonder if you`re thinking of me, it feels
like you aren`t?
Because of you, she`ll never feel like she`s good enough;; Never think she amounts to anything.You didn`t say it, but your actions told everything.
I`m just gonna be another page in your book;;
Do me a favor and cross me out.
Sometimes she just wants to sleep all day because her dreams are the only things that keep her hopes up.
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