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i would tell you what my future holds
but i really do not know
the future is a precious thing
and amazingly hard to show.

i imagine my future to hold the dreams and goals
that take up so much of my mind
as much as i'd like to tell you
it's impossible to find.

my future is unknown
just as unknown as you and me
all we can do is hope the best
sit back, wait and see.

the future is such a magical thing
that the past determines what will become
the most special thing about the future
is it can never actually come.
Of all the mistakes I've ever made,
falling in love with you, makes the grade.
Months of fighting for what I thought was mine.
When you could really care less,
and hurting me was just fine.

When reality hit, and the tears finally fell.
You Shrugged your shoulders,
hung up, and said "Oh well! "
You might have won this battle
of breaking my heart.
But your day will come
when all you have is lost, and fallen apart.
ThErE WaS dOuBle DaRiNg,PiNkY SwEaRiN*
*~aNd VoWiNg 2 B FrIeNdS 4EvA~*
*OuR iNtErEsTs In ToYs SlOwLy ChAnGeD tO bOyS*
*~BuT wE'vE aLwAyS sTuCk 2GeThEr~*
*We'D hAvE oUr FiTeS aT sLeEpOvA nItEs*
*ThAt DiDnT wOrK oUt As We PlAnNEd*
*~BuT wE'd TrY 2 4gEt,No MaTtA hOw UpSeT~*
*We'D tRy 2 UnDeRsTaNd*
*WeN i SaY i luv u*
*I mEaN iT fRoM tHa HeArT*
*I'lL aLwAyS cArE aNd AlWaYs B tHeRe*
*~LiKe U hAvE fRoM tHe StArT~*
*~aT oNe PoInT iN tImE~*
*We'Ll SaY oUr GoOdByEs*
*~BeCoMe AdUlTs AnD LiVe SePaRAtE lIvEs~*
*~BuT SuN oR rAiN, nO mAtTa WhAt WeAtHeR~*
*Ur AlWayS mY FrIeNd, NoW aNd FoReVeR*
Did you know that..©
She doesn`t care if you call && wake her
up in the middle of the night, or real early in the
morning. She hates arguing, but you know she's good at it. She's terrified of the dark,
and gets even more terrified when something
happens that even makes the slightest
 possiblity that she's gonna lose you.
  everytime she talks to you, she
can`t help but smile, and she can`t wait to just
run up to you and give you a hug,
because to her,
that`s the best feeling in the world.
Yeah, i guess you could
just say that she`d pretty much
..do anything for you
Stratford girls are pretty
Fairfield girls are smart
But it takes a Bridgeport girl
To win a boy's heart

Milford girls are tan
Hartford girls are hoes
But when you want the best looking girl
Bridgeport is where you gotta go

New Haven girls are wild
Waterbury girls are fun
But Bridgeport girls?
Come on, they're number 1

Girls will be girls
Brandford, Westport, Fair Haven or West Haven
But Bridgeport girls
Always rate the best
I never knew I could like a boy this much before until I met you. and I can't even explain how much it is. it's like love but when people say I don't know what love is, I think I do. because every night I think about you and always fall asleep so easily. it's amazing , and you are amazing. I never wanna loose you like a did all those times. I wanna hold on to what we have now and never let go.

Dont take credit.. i made it myself.. =] thanks.
Your the type of guy, that will
make a girl like me think;If we
were a older, would this guy be
the one that i would spend my
whole life with? F O R E V E R

Brittany Original`xo
blonde hair blue eyes.......
boy u got me hypnotized...
brown hair hazel eyes.......
i can picture your hands on my thighs......
me and you can make things right..
come on over late at night..
kiss,flirt,love me good..
i think u got me misundastood.....
Dont let my cute face fool ya now..
i want a guy i want hiim now..
if u my gurl n feel the same..
Then holla and scream out yo mans name..
this is a pimpettes anthem aint no lie...
Dont be jealous please dont cry..
i m more than you think i am..
try me i dont give a D♥A♥M♥N♥
&&nobody could explain the pain
the day she walked crying in the rain
she knew she would never get a chance
with him there was no possibility of romance
so she went home that night
and cried herself to sleep
the next morning her mom found her dead
with a note that said TELL HIIM MY HEART IS HIS TO KEEP♥
I'm not weird im gifted 8-).
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