Quotes added on Wednesday, February 22 2006

things change
were fading away
were not as close
things change
friends til the end
thats what i thought
things change
i want to be like old times
hanging out whenever we could
things change
im losing my best friend...
i get my hopes way too high everytime the phone rings;;
i want my best friend back...i dont want to be like strangers anymore
x3 all the little things x3
you do make my day the best day of my life
&&i could search the globe and never find another person like u<3<3
please speak slowly my heart x3
is learning teach me heartache stop
this burning now. . .
unlike barbie
me&my girls aren't sold seperately
jelousy is a disease
get well soon b***h
All a girl wants is a kiss in the rain
with a cutieee x3
She promised to herself
that she would never ;;
let him see her cry </3
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