Quotes added on Thursday, February 23 2006

Out building a snowman!
Oh wait there is no snow in this place.
Its called Tennessee.
I wanna go play in the snow so so bad!
So i guess i will just go to Wal Mart and buy some fake snow, and spread it across my front yard, and then I will build a snowman!
Well be back when frosty is done.
We'll all dance alone to the tune of your death
We'll love again, we'll laugh again
And it's better off this way
The day you chose to leave me
It rained constantly outside.
I swear that rain to be
The tears in cupid's eyes.

isnt it ironic? its like meeting the man of your dreams.. then meeting his BEAUTIFUL wife.....
&& the light that was once in her eyes
when he smiled at her </3
s l o w l y burned out
&& i almost had you </3
Friends listen to what you have to say.

Best Friends listen to what you don't say.

(Qouted from the book Mates, Dates and Diamond Destiny)
& our hearts skipped beats
like a s c r a t c h e d cd.
i'm not short...

I'M FuN sIzEd!

-for my bestest 'lil buddy, daniel
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