Quotes added on Friday, February 24 2006

Hold me close or i
might fly a w a y
HOW could you go
and break my heart
A G A I N </3 :_(
If you ever need
A shoulder to cry on
Don't dare worry
For I've got two.
And if we ever lose our places,
Remember:you have me
And I have you.

She said:
Do you think im pretty? He said: no
Do you think im funny? He said: no
Do you like me? He said: no
She walked away crying.
He grabbed her arm and said:
I dont think your pretty I think your ugly.
I dont think your funny I think you are dull.
I dont like you I hate you.
And they both walked away...
Ohh Boy you looking like you like what you see Won't you come over check up on it, I'm gone let you work up on it Ladies let em check up on it, watch it while he check up on it Dip it, pop it, twork it, stop it, check on me tonight
Unbreakable-Alica keys
We gotta stay tuned
Cuz there's more to see (Unbreakable)
Through the technical difficulties (Unbreakable)
We might have to take a break
But ya'll know we'll be back next week
I'm singing this love is unbreakable
Oh yeah yeah...
if baseball is life then softball is heaven
i sat in bed every night
knowing i loved you
thinking of you
and saying over and over again
he is the one
but then
you went
and broke my heart
and people execpt me not to cry
but the truth is
i said i loved you every night
and you said it back
but we never meant it
i just want you to kno
i mean it
and seeing you with her
breaks my heart
and your sitting there
makeing out
messing around
like we used to do
but do u even care
did u ever love me?
now all i want to think
is that my life is a fairy tale
you leave me
you take her
you leave her
and come back to me
and we live happily ever after
the whole i love you, you love me, holding hands, hugs and kisses, everything you do,
basicly just us. <3

make the "IF ONLY THIS COULD LAST FOREVER." bigger than the rest of it.
Brittany Original`xo
never give up- - because thats e x a c t l y
what everyone is expecting you to do

its trueee <3

noo creditt takenn
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