Quotes added on Sunday, February 26 2006

way back then i was lost
i hated my life
nothing good ever happened to me
but then..you came along swept me off my feet
and i fell completely in love with you <3
you've made me so happy
i swear you saved me
i just want you to know how much you've changed me
but its in a good way =)
i love you so much !
i'd die without you babe
no matter how bad things get
no matter how many times
i try to act like i dont care
i will always love you
& no matter how hard i try
i'll never stop <3
You Broke My Heart After Saying You Wouldnt But People Move On And So Have I!
You can't tell me thats its just no longer there
because last week, you couldn't help but stare</3
smash all your mirrors
i swear, love, they lie.
could you see what i see.
if your eyes were mine?
and sometimes paper is the only thing that will listen to you..
but when thats soaked with tears.. what do you have left?

just because you love him
more than you love yourself
doesn`t mean you should hold on
its killing you
i can see it in your eyes
and hear it in your voice
calm and steady
but inside you`re screaming so loud
my ears are shattering.
Yesterday you asked me why i was crying
I told you i didn't know but it was a lie
the truth is you were holding her to keep
her warm while i was freezing deep down inside.
i keep sitting here thinking why do you care about me?.. why do you treat me so good? i've never been treated so good in my whole life... but i'm afraid to start getting used to it.. because i'm sure that when i do, it's just then that you'll realize that i'm not all that great and you'll leave..<3
I'm not a jealous person. I'm just
a girl that would love to punch every
girl in the face that gives you a second look..
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