Quotes added on Friday, March 3 2006

i dont know what to do
yeah its ture
i'm going crazy
over you <3
everyboby wants happiness ; nobody wants pain you but can have a rainbow without the rain

*make randow colorful*
boys are like dumdum lolipops. with flavor but only lasts for a while bestfriends are like a tootsue roll pop favorfull andlast a long time if you bite them
teach me to be stronger
so i can live [[without]] you.

EDiTS ; font Georgia size 10 italics looks good. i think it looks best with a gray-ish color.
nd now..
ii can walk riight past hiim
nd n0t even lo0k back ..
HOuSe oF

~~Juicy Couture
Some of us think holding on makes us strong; But sometimes it is letting go
-->Fr3sH 2 de4tH<--
*dressed 2 imprEsS*
u aint..
The best proof of love is trust
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