Quotes added on Sunday, March 5 2006

What if the question never came up?
What if you actually gave me a answer?
& what if i didn't tell you it was all a joke?
Would everything be D i f f e r e n t now?

ALL mEE!!! its sux's but if u like it i/m ill help u make it ¤PRETTY!¤
Yeah, she loves him
[No, he doesn't care]

loves - background color light green font color black
Doesn't - backgrounf color light blue font color black
Yeah, - font color pink
change what aever u want! but it looks cute in arial
I'm Done Pretending you were all a joke...
I'll forgive you for what you've done If you say
© I'mtheone ©

©- put it in webdings
I'mtheone- put it in Impact 24 and make everything different colors you will love it
&& Since you wanna be with me,
You'll have to follow through,
With every word you say ©

©- webdings
\(*bring me to my knees & tell me there is
no other girl in the world quite like me.

*- Lucida Sans Unicode 18
(-Times New Roman italic 12
\- Arail regular 10
We're friiends now...
So lets keep iit liike that...
Me and you BFFs!

ediits- arial size 8 in black color or grayy!
i need you like you need her</3
HoLdiNg OntO a * [D] [r] [e] [a] [M] *
ThAt wOnT cOmE * [T] [r] [U] [e] *
ohh boyy..that boys is hott..
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