Quotes added on Monday, March 13 2006

Tomorrow is a new day but
is never promised. So live
everyday as if it's your
last & have no regrets. <3

Brittany Original`xo
i love wen u say my name
...cuz then i kn
u kn somethin bout me
when i smile
it doesnt always m
mean im happy
when i smile
it doesnt always m
mean im happy
"When you love yourself other people have no choice but to accept you for who you are."
-Jada Pinkett Smith (3/13/06 on Oprah)
when i tlk 2 u im always happy
but in my mind i wonder if yr playin me
cuz i kn its hard 2 tell someone how u feel
if u love him
let him go
.....if he doesnt come back
|x|hes with me |x|
ohh babi u seem like
husband material
iM hoTT
yOur hOtT
//lets makeout\\
People think that there upsessed with other people....but they aren't upsessed....there just called BEST FRIENDS

(ShAnnOn ThIs Is To YoU I lOve YoU)
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