Quotes added on Tuesday, March 14 2006

"im just trying to matter."-June Carter
im jealous of every girl that has ever hugged you.
because for that one moment, she my held my entire world.
The only stupid question is the one not asked...
People may doubt what you SAY, but they will always believe what you DO
So go ahead and break my heart..
Its not like your the first
i got voices in my head
tellen me i should be dead
im screamen go away
but there demonic voices wont fade
there tellen me to do it
if im so fucken suicidle then proove it

i din't know what to put it under
L0ve - The p0wer t0 hate s0me0ne but all the while be [[abs0lutly crazy]] about them.

Make it pretty::

Georgia and size!!!

love.love is the closest thing
we have to magic, but i dont
belive in magic anymore.
forgetting about him was the
hardest thing i had to do. but
now i have to do it, again.
&&alot has changed, except for
that fact that i never really
did get over him.
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