Quotes added on Thursday, March 16 2006

B It's the crazy fights,
r uncountable kisses & hugs,
a & when you wiped away my tears
n held me, told me it'll all be okay
d tickled me, & made me laugh,
o that make me love you
n more everyday.
I always thought that in order to be
in love and have a relationship you
always had to be with eachother, and
talk everyday, and hug & kiss all the
time too. But being with you has proven
something, sure you need this at times
to get through but when you can't, it's
okay and you can get over it and still
go on with your life just fine. <3

I've realized that cause my boyfriend has been grounded
on and off for the past 2 months.. and now he's grounded
for a whole month and we barely se eachother at school, so..
Brittany Original`xo
wiping tears, drying eyes
believing all your stupid lies
you had me fooled, but not again
ill be stronger in the end
so dont hold on, please let go
because my weakness i refuse to show

100%mine so dont take it!
that's alright...
u didnt deserve me neway..</3
ii close my eyes, only for a moment, && the moments gone
all my dreams, pass before my eyes, a curiosity <3`'
Friends [[forever]]
I now compare all guys to you and you know what?
They never measure up not even close. And the sad thing is that some of them are probably "better" than you...but I just can’t see it
laugna beach
We are best friends..yeah thats right
& we are very tight..
we are there for each other through odds&ends..
big and small..
no one can replace my girls at all!!
~*Best Friends until we die
thats the way my girls fly
Together 4 ever all of us
Too see each other we'd ride the bus
No matter how far your my girls and thats how we fly
Best Friends until we die.*~

100% ME!!!!!
She fears the world outside her bedroom walls,
waiting by the phone for a boy who never calls.
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