Quotes added on Monday, March 20 2006

who needs sun, when your smile seems to brighten up my day!

kinda stupid
no matter what i do
no matter what i say
i'll always end up falling for you
Just fall for me;
the way i fall for you
anytime i see you, i just want to be with you
theres just that somthing about you that makes
me go crazy <3
your the only one who makes my heart flutter
my palms sweat; butterflies in my tummy;
&& get that head over heals deeply in love
with you kinda feeling-<3 and im beginning
to like it
Theres that somthing, that i cant explain
everytime i see you i just want to fall in
love with you [(everytime)]
I could fall asleep in those eyes
like a water bed
You make me feel like i'm beautiful <3
high heals are a male invention to make women's butts look smaller and to make it harder for them to run away

-she's the man
if you think no one can hear you
say it a little louder
if that doesn't work
get your favorite stuffed animal and tell it
everything cus stuffed animals aren't
backstabbing whores that tell all your secrets
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