Quotes added on Tuesday, March 21 2006

yOUr onLy aS sTroNG aS
The tables you dance on,
The drinks youu mix & &
The friends that you..
r o l l w i t h <//3.
I love to walk n the rain
bc then no one knos im cryin
over you <3
I know im not happy, but i'll fake it ;; sick of all this pain, but i'll take it.
if others are jealous... your doing something right!
when you love him, he'll drive you crazy. just because he knows he can
you gotta take the good with the bad
smile with the sad
love what you got & remember what you had
always forgive but never forget
lern from mistakes but never regret
people change & things go wrong
just remember life will go on
i was just starting to believe myself when i said i was over you. i tried so hard to pretend, but now it seems that everyday these feelings grow & ive realized that lying to myself isnt worth it and in the end if i close my eyes i can still see you right by my side, holding me tight. whisper in my ears, everything will be alright
when you hug me, nothing could be better. cuz all i wanna do is stay in your arms forever
there come a time in everyones life when youve just had enough, when you try so hard not to give a f*ck and you start to realize if you dont watch your back it'll cost you. sometimes you just gotta wonder who would care if they lost you
yeah, you hurt me, but you taught me to be strong
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