Quotes added on Sunday, March 26 2006

put the lime in the coke
dont PRETEND that its OKAY
I could have sworn you said f o r e v e r .. [♥]

forever - italics or bold
forget the RSVP
surprise me..
show up
&& be the person i want you to be.
celebrities walk on the red carpet because they're famous

but me and my gurls walk on toliet paper 'cause were the shyt [:]:]:]
me && my gurls are tighter then a fat kid in spandex <3 .x0.
and her heart is still on the floor in p i e c e s
and all she feels is pain
&& she doesnt know why, but she loves life
she loves living and laughing and flirting and smiling
and crying because sometimes it even feels good to feel pain, because at least you're feeling something
she loves her friends and defending them in tough times
and loves fighting with her enemies
just everything about living
and shell never know why____???
every penny i throw
in a well ; every wish bone i break ;
every 11:11 on the clock ; every crossed finger
every turn of a pendant ; every shooting star
every fallen eyelash ; every blown out candle
every wish i could ever make
i wish to be with you
F 0 R E V E R
you ' re [ a L L ] i'll e v e r neeD
that won ' t e.v.e.r. c h a n g e
' - - - - > >
i like to have a good time and dance around
i live it up and drink it down
kiss some boys then kiss some more
go absloutley crazy till' i hit the floor__x0
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