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Just because she loves you
doesn't mean »» I don't

loves put italic
doesn't mean in bold
Pay no attention…
To the scars on my wrists
The hurt in my eyes-
I'm dead inside.
You worry about the ones-
To perfect to care.
A cut with the blade
A gunshot to the head.
Another girl winds up dead
Another hurtful word spoken
Another heart broken-
You said you'd fix me-
Mend my broken heart-
Instead you said words.
That cut like a scalpel-
A gunshot to the head..
My soul winds up dead
You're an addiction-
The razor against my skin-
Cut with the blade-
Short, sweet, and simple.
End my misery
Find me dead.
It's all your fault-
In the end.
The look on my face-
Always depressed
So hard to laugh-
So easy to cry.
A twinkle in my eye-
A bounce in my step.
All because you said yes.
Another love-
But this ones pure
No one between us.
Only miles.
But if we feel the same way-
It won't matter.
Because I love you.
My wrists are killing me,
like the sound of your voice.
So cut me baby, I'm all ears.
Kiss me hard so
you can taste my words
and maybe then
you'll understand.
Those roses you left
on my casket
were of the deepest red.
Just like the blood that
reflected off the razor
right after I broke the last
of my promises to you.
it must be the girl who can't stop crying..
or maybe it's the girl that kept on trying.
i think i ..love.. you.
but ..love.. is all lies.
heartbreak and tears
fights and black eyes.
if this is ..love..
than i kno i ..love.. you
Boys may come and go..but my[girls]will be by my side;;to help me through your sober lies
Locked into a room
Trapped in your fury
You will never stop.
You’ve entrapped me in your mind
And will never let me be.
The only way I’ll be free
Is for my blood to freely flow
Away from my veins.
So finally I’m free
And you’re now lost.
I could have stayed,
If you let me out
But your jealousy took over.
Don’t you wish you weren’t so jealous now?
As I lay in my bed
Many thoughts travel though my head.
Why did you leave me?
Why can’t I just be dead?
To join you up in heaven.
I thought you were happy.
You acted so well.
I should have realized,
But I didn’t know.
I will join you soon.
I will be there with you.
Just hand me the same rusty razor,
You took from me long ago.
I will use it just one last time.
And why…
No one will ever know.
Drown ourselves
In an ocean of our saltwater tears.
Desperation pulls me under
Yet you stay afloat.
I need you
Pull me up and away
From my sinful sorrows.
Empty my heart out
So soon I float.
My broken body
That you were not able to save.
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