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God Made Mud
God Made Dirtt
God Made Guys
So I Can..

put flirt in bold
Boys Eat Boogers
When No One Is
Watching ...
Life Is A Game..
..BasketbAll Is Serious
Your so vain ♥
you probably think this song
is about you
((dont you))
give me everything i want
and nothing i need
some people say
"Love like you'll never get hurt" ♥
but i dont think i can take the pain
give me sexy
give me you &stars;
My Last Goodbye

I thought u luved me but it was all a game
I thought iluved u but it was the same
u messed up again
u wanna know y?
u'ved made me sad
and made me wait
u've made me happy
and sometimes hate
u've lied 2 me
and many others
my nephew called u his big brother
he liked u alot
and so did i
but know its over
and u know y
this is my last good bye
WhAt HuRtS tHe MoSt...
WaS bEiN sOoO cLoSe
AnD hAvIn SoOo MuCh To SaY...
aNd WaTcHiN yOu WaLk AwAy...
AnD nEvEr KnOwIn...
wAt CoUlD hAvE bEeN...
aNd NoT sEeIn tHaT lOvIn YoU...
iS wHaT i WaS tRyIn tO dOoO!!!

What Hurts the Most-Rascal Flatts
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