Quotes added on Friday, April 7 2006

everybody is too worried about who sayin who about you..but when really its those people who need to think twice about stuff they thought they knew!

&& i dont know why u wanted me
if u were just gunna dump me in
the end. i thought u loved me but
i guess i thought wrong. u said
4ever but that obviously means...
[[ n e v er]]

put never in bold italics.
ride on the wings of love <3

looks cute impact and georgia every other word, pink and light purple or light blue and a pale green.
"If my heart was sadder than a song, would you listen? If my tears fell on you, one by one, would you see them glisten? On the street I'm waiting, In my heart it's raining. Your eyes are holding up the sky, your eyes make me weak I don't know why, your eyes make me scared to tell the truth. I thought my heart was bullet-proof.."

looks cute in bradley ITC size 12*
"being happy isn't having everything in
your life be perfect. maybe it's about stringing
all the little things. maybe, we just get through
it.. and thats all we can ask for."
- sisterhood of the traveling pants <3
if you are one of the gazillion girls who watched high school musical, fell in love with zac efron, and wished he kept his shirt off the whole movie, put this in your profile.

sry if this was already submitted.. i thought it was cute<3
the best things in life are worth waiting for, fighting for,
believing in, & just never letting go of <3
i was always told
"dont hate the player hate the game"
when it should really be
"dont hate the game hate the player"
becuz you cant play the game with out the player
I got that (BoomBoom)
that you want//watching me all night long
hurry up before its gone
Do you realize what you are to me ?
and what your always going to be.
you are the only love of my liFe. &
there wille never be another you xOx

---ebONY <!3
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