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Near to the door
he paused to stand
as he took his class ring
off her hand
all who were watching
did not speak as a silent tear
ran down his cheek
and through his mind
the memories ran
of the moments they walked
and ran in the sand hand and hand
but now her eyes were so terrible cold
for he would never again
have her to hold
they watched in silence
as he bent near
and whispered the words..
"i love you so" in her ear
he touched her face and started to cry
as he put on his ring and wanted to die
and just then the wind began to blow
as they lowered her casket
into the snow....
this is what happens
to man alive.....
when friends let friends....
drink and drive.

never let friends drink and drive. i know that now.
*10-30-05* rest in peace ian. my best friend.
We try, everyday together, yet together menas little- if nothing. I look at you and I know if I needed help you couldn't lift me up: I look at you and i know if tears welled up in my eyes you would turn away. Unable to face my naked emotions. Yet we try, everyday together, striving toward the same distant goal, and we've labled them with word, but these words have yet to hold true meaning when it comes to you and me. We strive for unity and pride, and i know you feel none of these things for me. We strive for family and love, and i know i feel none of these got you. So out hypocrisy lives on. For the preservation of the scene, and every time i see you we'll both act like we care, the truth is we don't. Our lives mean little to each other. We don't listen, we don't care. We can't hear and we know better. Yet we try, everyday together striving for family and love. So now i've stopped. We don't need to keep this farce alive, no need to fake a smile. I recognize this truth. I see no evil in it. There's nothing calling for me to love you. yet out common goal still exists, describes as unity and pride. We all will carry on, with a fierce love in our hearts. But this love is not for unity, not for pride. This love remains unnamed and i carry it for the power inherent in music. I won't pretend i bear it for you.
Living Each Day Like You're Already Dead

Raise up the ghosts of the dead - I won't die like them
Push past the point of raw emotion - I will breathe
Exist with a broken spirit - I will die complete
Ignore what the angels say enjoy that special place where the demons speak to me
I won't pick out the lining of my coffin yet unless I am sure that color satin is me
Better yet go with crushed velvet, that way I'll be damn sure to enjoy eternity
My daily life writes the eulogy, engraved on tombstone diaries,
laid to rest with the passing of time
Seems to me that even love can die
And the rituals, that fade away, and the roses that cease to be laid
And to me it clearly appears that we're already one foot in a very shallow grave
I will love with passion
You live like you're dead
As each day dies, are we living on to the next or passing on in the twilight
it be called baseball
softball = lifee ♥
yeah all them girls wear
abercrombie and have there
designer bags.
rock our pac sun clothes
with our hott roxy bags ♥
YoU pUt ThE "iItCh" In "BiItCh"!!!!

hahahahahhahaha 100% totally minez
WhEn YoU LoVe SoMeThInG DoNt LeT iT gEt AwAy cHaNcEs ArE::it was your ONE chance::

MaKe It PuRdY!
sometimes it dont always do you good
to be a hater and to live in da hood
but even tho i am poor
it dont mean nothing -->
i still have a door <33
SOMeTimES i JuSt wAnNa GO To ScHool
FOrGet AlL mY WoRrIeS FrOm HomE
aNd hoW i wAnT A SnoW CoNe

buT ONCE I gET to sChOOl i WaNnA GO EAt
thE cAfEtERIa iS WhERe thEy kEeP THe MeAt
I Sit wItH tHe gEeKs aNd thE ScHhOl NERds
buT Dont Get mE WrONg, thEy KnoW A Lot Of wOrDs

drugs beneath the bed
A body on the bedroom floor
One gunshot to the head
Black clothes in the closet
Depressing pictures on the wall
Letters written to a *s*p*e*c*i*a*l* someone
Begging him to call
A mother who was crying
A dad who was out of state
She was always fast asleep
When her parents came home late
All she wanted was acceptance
For someone to say they tried
each time people abandoned her
Another piece of her died
The ambulance outside the house
Neighbors came to see what she’d done
She finally told the world how she felt
With the sound of her daddy’s gun
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