Quotes added on Sunday, April 16 2006

I looked up, saw the sky
And I just sat there and stared.
I thought to myself that I've been up there.
'Cause baby, when I was with you,
I was lifted up so high,
But I've just landed back down,
And all I can do is cry.
and i remember i kept thinking
that i know you never would
and now i know i want to KILL YOU
like only a "best friend" could
I live for those moments when
we're sitting on my couch, my
fingers entwined in yours,
staring into your eyes. The
moments when you play with my
hair. The moments when you make
fun of me, then come and hug me
and kiss me. I live for those
moments. And basicly every
moment spent with you. <3

Brittany Original--xo
What hurts the most
was being so close. <3

Brittany original `xo
The memories will always be ther
even if the people aren't.

Brittany Original xoxo
Your everything i've ever wanted.
A hot guy. I can trust you with
everything. I can tell you anything
and i mean anything. You hold my
hand and hug and kiss me no matter
what. You call me every night,
sometimes i think it's just to hear
me breathe. You do anything to make
me laugh. You hate it when i'm sad
and upset ;; but love it when i smile. <3

Brittany original xoxo
StOp ThE wOrLd --->>I wAnNa GeT oFf.</3
If i had one bullet[ & ]trigger i'd
PULL IT. Shoot my cupid from
out of the sky ;; break off his
wings[&]gouge out his eyes [&]
thank him for NOTHING `cuz
\ that`s all that he gave to me /
your love is my heart disease ©
heal my heartbrake and kiss me©
Didn't wanna need you
Didn't wanna need anyone
Now look what you've done
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