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&&I love you is all she heard.
--Hawthorne Heights
Kisses.Hugs.Holding Hands.I love you's.Cute notes.
Phone calles.School Dances.Going out.& Staying in.
Stupid fights.Silly pictures.E-mails.I/ms.Inside
jokes.Unforgetable times.You.Me.Together.Always.
I T ' S L O V E <3
As you grow up you find out the hard way that
boys lie. Friends talk about you behind your
back. People say they like you, but half the
time they don't. Things aren't always as good
as they appear to be. Life sucks real bad at
times. But you learn to suck it up and get over it.
P R E P F O R L I F E. <3
I wasn't supposed to fall in love again.
I wasn't supposed to hug another guy.After
him, my life was supposed to be over. But
then you came along and caused me to love
and laugh even though I wasn't supposed to.
You made me happy again. . . xoOox
The tan lines will fade but
the memories will last forever.
He asked, "Are you okay?" and she said,
"yeah."And he started to walk away,then
turned around and said,"You lied.What's
wrong?" And she wispered "Everything."
Then screamed "ILOVEYOU!" and ran away
crying-never to be seen again. <|3
Your just walking proof that
wishes can come truee. <333
All the fights ment nothing until
that last one that last one that
ruined everything between us forever.
You never know how much something is to
you ;; how much it truely means to you,
U N T I L I T I S G O N E.
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