Quotes added on Saturday, April 22 2006

[{</3}] I dont wanna do this any more
I dont wanna be the reason why
everytime i walk out the door
I see him die a little more inside
I dont wanna hurt him any more
I dont wanna take away his life
I dont wanna be
a murderer[{</3}]

Chorus part of Rihanna-Unfaithful
i will love you longer then forever <3
me and you
are the ones
they wish
to be
because yeah
were always together
<best friends name here >
You Just Have To Fight For What You Want
&&nd If It Doesn`t Want You Back
Then It Isn`t Good Enough
For You AnyWay
i waited in the hallway
pretending i was their
to :: sEe A fRiEnD ::
I secretly followed you
AnD LiStenEnd tO yOuR
:: cOnVeRsAtIoN ::
tHeN i HeArD yOu SaY
yOu {L o V e } my BeStFrIeNd
aNd i WaS
:: h e a r t b r o k e n ::
n e v e r r e g r e t

something that

o n c e m a d e

you smile
its your wanna be girlfriend
it only takes a second to tell '`
you *i love you .. but it would
take a life*time to show you
just how much _`*x0o
&&nd theres always gonna be
that one thing you regret
that one thing that made you smile
&&nd that one memory you can`t wait to have agian <3
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