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shot put is like durgs, i can't stop!

you can put any sport in.
and make sure you make it look cute!=)
every tear is for the 1 i hate to love
every heart break always ends up the same way
emptiness and lonleness
every love never feels the same
my hearts is never to be the same
every night i cry myself to sleep
but u wouldnt kno that unless u cared
and the silence between us is worse
then the honest break up its self
every time we hug it reminds me of a time
i dont want to remember
b/c it brought me nothin but pain
and now my memory is bleeding
from thinkin of our past
it just hurts me how lil u dont care
about me ur nothin but a
hollow man without feelings
u call ur self
and i kno u can be the man that i need
but u keep seeing that image of urself
and u wont believe
anything else!
~my last goodbye~
this is my goodbye note
so if u wake up tomorrow and not see me u kno where i am
and so u kno it was ur fault
u pushed me to the edge
u loved me but hated me at the same time
but everywhere i went i would see u
it would remind me of everything that i hated to remember and u wouldnt care
i knew u did u just didnt want to show it
well this is my last goodbye even if u dont care
my last hour has come
the bells r ringing for me to come home
the heavens r callin me now
its ur last chance to tell me how u feel
but once again u dont care
and i dont kno y i care so much
ur the one whoe did thsi to me
and u could careless about wut i do to myself or to others for that matter
just b/c ur a hollow man inside and u dont think anyone cares
but i do care .. even though u dont care
so this is my last goodbye
cuz everything is fading now
its gettin harder for me to see
and its harder to breath
but u still dont care about me
so even if u dotn care i'm using my last breath to tell u
i love u , always have , and always will <33

writen by : Doreen E. Akins
it starts with a smile and ends with a tear
i couldnt go to sleep because i couldnt get u out of my miind
when i was up all night long all i could think about was u and bein with u and how happy i would be but i guss i should just face it ill never be ur everything ull just be mine
i wrote your name in the sand but the waves washed it away i wrote your name on my hand but i washed it the next day
i wrote your name on paper but i threw it away
i wrote your name on my heart and forever it will stay
He gave her twelve roses,
eleven real and one fake
and said,
"I'll love you until the last one dies."
&heart; &heart; &heart; &heart; &heart; &heart;

I told the one person that I loved and he loved it...( and well said, I'll have to use this on someone someday...)

&heart; mylove_myheartbreak
The loveliest of faces
are to be seen by
m o o n l i g h t, when one
sees half with the e y e
and the half with the
&heart; f a n t a s y &heart;

I do not take credit for this quote
LoVe Is LiKe D E W
ThAt FaLlS oN bOtH

&heart; &heart; &heart; &heart; &heart;
ii Do NoT tAkE cReDiT fOr ThIs QuOtE!!!
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