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there`s a point in your life' when you realize
who matters ;; who never did ;; & who always will
well - - »» she wants to live her life
then she thinks about her life
pulls her hair back` as she screams
"i dont really want to live this life"
She's beautiful, but she'll never admit it.
music makes her world go round, literally.
Pearls and jeans are her trademarks.
She's afraid of being alone & obsessed with coffee.
When she smiles her whole face lights up.
&& her heart's been broken
by a guy who doesnt love her anymore
And you know what?
Tell him I don't like him. Tell him
I dont love him.' Tell him I don't
miss him. But most of all don't
tell him I said this
x3 with tears in my eyes. X3
i just cant explain it.
theres no words to describe
how much i love this boy
you know that boy that you can
never get out of your head? the
one that seems to relate to everything
you do, every song, every word?
that one that at the mere mention
of his name, your entire face lights
up? the one that has full capacity
to break your heart... yeah, (( he's you ))
i love how i can hug you and get that feeling
of never wanting to let go <3 i love how you
can make me smile when i am in the worst'
mood . 'i love how your always there for me
when i need Someone to talk to . and i love how you and me just seem so [ p e r f e c t ]
the best feeling in the world is
when you can be a million miles
away from him & Still
you can picture his perfect smile
she said __ your a loser`
he replied __ but im your loser
Had no excuses for the things
that we'd done, we were brave
we were crazy, we were mostly young
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