Quotes added on Saturday, April 29 2006

i never loved you, it dosent hurt
now that we're not togetha,
i didnt mean what i said
when i said "id love u foreva"
now we're ova ,the desicion i made
i dont think about twice, iam not
sad i am happy , you dont make me cry
damn i wish all of that above wasnt a lie
because the truth is ....

made by me xox <3 ;)
&& she slipped on a kiss && fell in love <33
As i look back on my past
i didnt think time went that fast
but look back to last
yearrr && looking at me now
the people who know me well are like holyy COW
i remember kindergarten it was so far away
i didnt think i would make it where i am todayy
but i made it through because i have
awesome friends like you
(names here)
i heard your voice
& i couldnt stop SMILING
i saw you faceee
& i couldnt stop LOOKIN
theres just some thing about you
that iam attracted to and
there is no body
in the whole world
who will ever see it like me

xox made by me xOx
The day we went out was one of the best nights in my life
my dream was to one day be your wife,
i dont kno why i listened to my friend i didnt realize id
miss you this much .. before i put us to an end

ii<i>still</i><b>Love</b>him<font face=symbol>©</font>

made by me -xOx
Why do i cry why do i try
i cant take the way you make me feel
inside, what iam telling you is true
i was always love you
but right now i think we should move our seperate ways
because it kills me to see you each && everyday
&& when i dont get my way , it tears my heart apart
that i cant have you, you dont understand that i really
and truly LOVEYOU

made by me xox
The way you make me laugh the way you make me giggle
the way you walk , your the only one who listens to me when i talk, The way you held my hand when i hugd you i didnt wanan ever let you go the i feel about you, you will never know

Made by me - xOx
i love you and you love me,
but its not working out, no, its not working out.
theres a thin line inbetween
love-&-wanting someone there ♥
good girls go to heaven.
bad girls go everyyyywhereeee ♥
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