Quotes added on Monday, May 1 2006

Drama, Lies, Tears.
Oh, To The Teenage Years.
You must never believe a guy when he tells you that he loves you because all he is doing is lying and it seems like you are the one that is being hurt not him...trust me i kno....
The spaces between your fingers are meant to be filled with mine
a good friend will get you out of jail but a best friend will be sitting next to you saying that was fun lets go do it again
Dead Dead
Spitter Spatter Spitter Spatter
She hears the blood drip down
From her newly cut wound
Drip Drop Drip Drop
Tears mix with the blood
Tip Tap Tip Tap
She hears someone coming
Click Clack Click Clack
She grabs the gun
she hears two shots
Pain Pain
She feels two bullets enter her head
She hears her friend scream

Dead Dead
This is what she had planned for today
im nowhea near perfect * i eat wen iim bored * i fall for boysz
too easily * im vulnerable to belivinq liesz * im hopinq that one
day i dnt need a fake smyle && made uhp storiesz to qeht sum1
to like me * i live by quotesz daht explain exactly what im qoin
thouqh && i make uhp excusesz for evrythiinq * i have my best
friendsz and enemiiessz * drama && memoriiessz * im just your
averaqe typical teenaqer * look past the imperfections
i've fallen for you...and theres just no getting up

have fun with it
`you made me promise to never let you go; i never did but now your the one who broke *-their promise and let me go && now i fell` down && i can`t get back up because-- when you
arrived in my *life ((happieness)) appeared skies never faded any more && now i just look back as to how i felt about you;; i loved you & you loved me too;` note to self: i must fix his heart but if i cant fix it then his heart is `damaged forever*;it can never be fixed ;; but the sun still shines ocassionly` in my world` but now the horizion is forming a beautiful rain bow; *because even better` ive found him <3 (`[ after of all of the time my heart has been ripped now it`s formed a complete heart, not a cracked shape]`) i`m forever yours.;xoxo
| <3 |
T h e o n e t h i n g i h a t e a b o u t h i m , i s t h a t h e d o e s n t k n o w h o w m u c h i l o v e h i m .
| <3 |
live like theres know tomorrow and follow your dreams, because you never know.... they might come true <3
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