Quotes added on Tuesday, May 2 2006

I Love You So Much That I Am Willing To Give Up Everything.
Cuz You Are Mii Onlii Anti- Drugg
all these scars keep ripping open.
you & me... ya were tighter than my jeans
its so crazy
how you make me


cuz ima crazy 'bout
all you need in life is three F's-
family friends and faith
because without it you would be
lonely lost and hopeless
yo mama so fat NASA used her to plug up the ozone layer in the atmosphere
DOnt get me wrong
i love the whole
flirting with everybody
thing but sometimes i
miss the whole hes my
babey ♥
&& everytime I look into those pretty eyes ...
I l o s e m y b r e a t h <3
when a teacher calls your name;;
my heart skips a beat
when you walk past me;;
i get the chills down my spine
when you say hi;;
i practically pass out
when i say "i like you"
what would you say?
Ever since i was young i never understood
anything about the world, and any thing *
that happened in my life ;; all that ever
made sense to me was you and how i felt `
about you and that's enough, that's enough
for me for the --REST-- of my life.

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