Quotes added on Friday, May 5 2006

`·- - -» I just prefer to show mine in public!

IM me dutcher 125
i used to be love struck
but now im just f*cked up
Cupid's got me in a CHOKEHOLD </3
i know what its like to want something you can't have
cause' i know what its like to want you.</3
i hope you find what your looking for
by walking out that door
and do you sleep at night
despite of all your lies

and when you close your eyes
i hope you can't erase the thought of me
dying s l o w l y.
it's not enough to hear me say you've won
you only wanted me for having fun
you remind me of pain
but i can't ignore you
such a silly game to play
to eventually just lose to you
excuse me too busy writing your tragedy
these mishaps you bubble wrap
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