Quotes added on Saturday, May 6 2006

&& now im away
& while ur sittin there readin this
im laughin at u
for bein curious.
driving in that old messed up car over that bumpy road..
was an bad experience and now..can i throw up?
He is the kinda guy
that buys me flowers
when i already have a garden full...
he is the kinda guy
who kisses me on my forehead
and tells me he loves me.a million times....
hes the kinda guy....i wish exsisted...<3
i spotted you from afar and then i walked by..swingin my hips and battin my eyelashes..you noticed me...i walk over 2 u..and u looked familiar...you went to my skool..i sat next to you on the bleachers...and said hello..whats ur name?...you smiled brightly and said...my name is_____((fill in the blank))...&& you're the most beautiful girl i have ever seen...i blushed and blushed as we got to kno each other...then he said the words"would you like to go out with me?"...i smiled the biggest smile i ever have and said"yes"!....he gave me a hug and that was the best hug ive ever got in all these years...&& now i kno..im in love..<3
.~!It's us against the world!~.
*-¤-*Faith is to have Trust*-¤-*
*-¤-*Peace is to have Love*-¤-*
*-¤-*Joy is to Laugh*-¤-*
*-¤-*Strength is to believe*-¤-*
*-¤-*Hope is to dream*-¤-*
----- »» KeYs To A fRiEnDsHip
¤[º*Teenage Years*º]¤
ºBig dreamsº
ºStupid fightsº
ºSleepy daysº
ºEndless nightsº
ºBroken heartsº
ºMascara tearsº
ºCell phone billsº
ºReport card fearsº
ºClothes too tightº
ºShoes so highº
ºOut past curfewº
ºAnother lieº
ºEye shadow colorº
ºMidnight blackº
ºLip gloss flavorº
ºCherry Attackº
ºBelts with starsº
ºBoys with carsº
ºJust a taste of teenage yearsº
º*Your only a teenager once so live it!*º
Geek, punk, prep
lemme see your 1,2 step
party hard rock-N-roll
we are the class no one can control
girls are cute
boys are fly
we got something you cant deny
were not the class of 2007
but damn the class of
I teach PREPOLOGY...
POP UR COLLAR, like duh
iF i told y0u that i caN`t st0p thiNkinG aBout yOu
oR JusT ThE Th0ughT oF yOu maKeS me SmiLe
or tHat i gEt butterflieS wHeN i Hear y0uR Name
anD tHat i waNt to Be HeLd tiGhtly iN your armS
w O u L d . y O u . T h i n K . i ` m . C r A z Y . ?
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