Quotes added on Sunday, May 7 2006

I see it, I know it, because you did it with me,
Baby she's changing you and its making me sick.
You are the definition of perfectly imperfect.
It Hurts Enough That You Hadda Leave...
But What Hurt Tha Most WaZz That You Didn't
Even Say "Good-Bye" To0 Me...
You Were Always There...
JuZz Except When I Needed You Most...
Can You Tell Me Why?
Tha Daze Go By So0 Slow,
But I JuZz Watch &&_Stare Out
Tha Window JuZz Hopin Somehow,
I'll See You Once Again.
ii_WazZ s0o Stupid...
I shudda Said Sumthin,
When ii_ Had Tha Chance,
I Guess ii_WazZ Scared.
..i just want to get this around!

Why do most people go around thinking that cheering is not a sport. Or that its just when you "wear a short skirt, hold pom poms and prance around singing cheers."

FIRST OFF: we dont sing cheers. we chant them
we dont choose to wear short skirts;the schools provide them
and hardly any team uses pom poms anymore..



cheerleaders aren't any different from average girls. They think they are so great walking around in their uniforms and saying oh look at me i have the cutest boyfriend! Well your not the only one who can do that soo leave softball alone and try it for yourself but don't come complainin to me when you get beat up or joked around with when you break a nail."

.. and for that one, no cheerleader that i know goes PRANCING around thinking they are all that. and yes i agree that we are all the same, and a sport name shouldn't change that at all.
but what i do hate is how people go around and say all cheering is blah blah blah.. but what all you dont get is that is harder than you think. IF YOU REALLY THINK ITS THAT EASY THEN TRY OUT FOR THE TEAM.. THEN YOULL SEE! :]
I look at you && smile______ && realize that your the only person that can make me feel better; make me feel like I belong; I love you, thats not hard to understand, is it?
lie to me she wispers;;
your not the one he replies
I've been wanting to be with you f o r e v e r_____________ but now that you like me; everything has changed.
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