Quotes added on Monday, May 8 2006

Your mad that i left ur side
-->>Sorry<<-- but i was dying inside

As her heart beats fast
her eyes grow wide
nothin can beat this feeling inside
she sits alone with building fear
as she trys to conquer her heart
but everything thing takes its course
and nature takes its part
scared and grim she thinks again
what will he say
what will he do
When the day comes she says "i love you"
I can't live with out you <3
As she looks at him and smiles with a giggly laugh,
he says what,
and he says oh nothing,
when really she wants to say everything!!<3
A MeMoRy LaStS FoReVeR
NeVeR DoEs iT DiE
TrUe FriEnDs StAy TOGeThEr
&& NeVeR SaY GoOdByE

this looks really cute if u make all the capital letters bold and the lowercase letters italic and make the capitals letters one color and the lowercase another color</3
You just make my world a better place!! <3
love me for me not for what you see <3

baby i love you too much <3

all mine !
well behaved girls never made historyy <3

no creditt takenn !
were all damaged it seems, some more than others, we carry the damage with out from child hood. then as adults we share it with each other. we all do damage and then we try and fix what we can.
--grays anatomy

{some} people can only *wish* but cant have!

all credit to me!!
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