Quotes added on Tuesday, May 9 2006

She Taught You Tha Meaning of Love

Now Teach Her Tha Meaning of Forever... <3
lol ha ha your my favorite person in the whole world!!! <3
Lifes tough!!....get a helmet!!
-Boy Meets World
God forbid you ever<-
had to (walk) a mile
¨^in her shoes Cause
then you really might
know what ¨h it's like
to have to choose..<3
She runs
She hides
All she can do is cry

Where's the fun
In all these games?
"Help!" god its me

Remember the girl you could count on
Wait she no longer exsists?
I think this sharp object in my hand just slipped

My cuts are deeper
Aren't you proud?

Im just so good at prentending
I like how people can't see my pain.

She runs
She hides
All she can do is cry

I wrote this on July 3,2005 </3
I just gave up
What the @^%!

Do these girls know pain
NO! There all just lame

Grandpa i feel it now
I just don't know how!

I want someone who knows how this feels.
Sooner or later i won't be able to deal.

Why did you leame me!?
And why couldn't he let me be!?

My wrists can't bare
This just isn't fair.</3
She ::cant:: breathe [</3]
She just wants to leave
shes there
almost every single day
i seriouslly think she needs time far, far away.

she makes him mean
and me misrabel
i dont wanna be here

i want HIM near
hes the only one who can see threw my..

when will it be my time
i already got past 9
i hate this

shes there
almost every single day
i seriouslly think she needs time far, far away!
i miss the old day
when there wasnt so much change
its a game, kind of like the win or loose situation..i lost
everything got better for me, but it doesnt take the hurt away or any of the remourse i feel.
i dont see how any human being could live like this...
waking up, gettign dressed, off to school, only to walk in with the fakest smile on you face &* then go home do hw and still fee like your missing so much in your life.
shes only freaking 14 years old
not 22, urghh change this
i wanna go back 3 years
where what im writing right now were only ngihtmares
not thigns that actually happened.
whatever..right now there is nothing more for me to do.
for now ill just let....
everything be my fault
let people bring up the past
everything i lost be kept lost
my worst fears brought back to me
for now ill just let the reality of
L.I.F.E. happen.
my friends are amazing
[initials of friends go here]
be jealouss =]

EDiTS♥; make the 1st line impact size 14 [regular].. make the initials of you friends size 10 in comic sans ms [regular].. & make be jealouss =] impact size 14..

♥ thanksss babahhh
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