Quotes added on Thursday, May 11 2006

Your smile means so much more, <3
than a moment you're looking at her
Isz there a reason whii ii L. O. V. E. you soo much
Isz there a reason whii ii come to your every need
Isz there a reason whii ii L. O. V. E. the way u walk n talk


yea thats all bcuz ii L. O. V. E. you sooo much!!!
so whii cant u jus do me a favor n L. O. V. E. me bak...
When you chase the bad guys you have a chance to end up with them .
&& Yea ii KNo THaT WHenn U BraKe Up WiT SuM 1
ThaT UsuaLly TheY DonT CaRe bUt I KinDa Jus wIsh
tHat he KneW HoW muCh He's BeEn PuTiN Me ThrOuGH...
They call kids like us vicious and carved out of stone
But for what we've become, we just feel more alone
Always weigh what I've got against what I left
So progress report: I am missing you to death

Fallout boy <3 =]

If theres anything
i have learned so far
its like everybody
trust nobody

aim - atvgurl2500
EvEry NoW AnD ThEn
SpEcIaL GuY ThAt
OuTtA YoUr HeAd AnD
YoU ThInK To YoUrSeLf
"i guess he belong there"

A teamate can make you HUSTLE
A coach puts together the TEAM
A scout can give you a SCHOLARSHIP
But only love for the game can make you a (ur teams name)
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