Quotes added on Friday, May 12 2006

& by the way ♥
im wearing the smile
that only you could give me
it's funny because when you do something
right, no one remembers. but when you do
something wrong, no one forgets . .
why dont you see it
your everything to me
give me one last chance && i swear
we`ll make this last forever
I love how i can be a total dork around you
& yet you still make me feel absolutely amazing

\\ make it cutee<3
She's got a list of things she wants to change
about herself
[because ever since she met you]
she's been a mess of insecurities
&& no matter who cares, i will always love him && nothing in this world will ever keep me from him
Thing's Aren't Always What They Seem
Me- I've learned That The Hard Way
there are 3 things in life you need
if you have em then u will be complete
*~Live ;; Laugh ;; Love~*
I Love Thirty Four

Kelsey Dx3
And you promised we would be together... but how could you say that when the other day you said "I hope you die" well buddy If you haven't noticed i've been dead ever since i met you... yeah i loved you too...<33*

I made this quote up don't take credit for it..

100% Mines
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