Quotes added on Saturday, May 13 2006

my friends are like gold in a group of silver;;like a cd in a group of dvds;;basically my friends are rare and i am SOO lucky to have friends like these...i am happy you are my friend!!

(friends names go here)
im gay the happy way =]
your gay the other way ;)

edits: terminal , smallest size<3
Broken promises ; But you don't really mind
It's not the first time,& you know it,don't you
now; Tell me why it is you only smile inside;
But when you break me into n o t h i n g
D o n ' t y o u k n o w ;

Broken promises - italic & underline
& - bold
smile inside - underline
nothing - italic
i want a guy that doesnt care
about what i wear or how i do my hair.
who loves my smile and my dorky laugh
and how i get hyper when i'm tired
who would never want to see me cry
-- at least not tears of sadness
&& who would do those small things
that make my day
just because he knows it would make me happy<3
i programmed your number into my phone
knowing that you'd never call
but just incase you do. .
i want to know its you
as soon as you get online, whose
name do u look for first?
when a s l o w song comes on the radio..
whose face comes to your mind first?
when you hear your phone ringing..
who do u hope it is calling?
whose name makes your stomach
drop when u hear it?
just for once
i want someone to be afraid of
l o s i n g m e <3
he’s the type of guy;
that would give you his jacket
just cause he knows when he gets it back,
it'll smell like you..
&& you're the type of girl;
that would want his jacket
just because it smells like him ♥
I think that the only reason why people hold
onto memories so tight, for so long, is because
memories are the only things that don't change
...when everything else does...
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