Quotes added on Friday, May 19 2006

thinking of you makes me wonder
if ii made the right choice .. =/
No matter what there is <b>ALWAYS</b> a person out there for you, if they aren't there yet then you have to wait cause they will come♥
I love it how I can be a total dork around you and yet you still love every little thing about me♥
& even tho she knows its over-
she still wears the necklace
he gave her knowing that she
c a n ` t l e t g o <3
&& you can come over,
we can watch a scary movie
and take stupid pictures,
fall asleep together on my couch,
because you are my everything
and all that i am, is yours.
i heard somewhere that everyone has
atleast 5 dreams a night; even if
they dont remember them all.
So,, thats what? 30 billion dreams?
atleast one of them has to be about me..
i wish i could be that one fish
out of all the fish in the sea ♥
even if you & her are together,
I guess that won't change us right?
We'll still be friends,
We'll still laugh together..
We'll still smile at each other are
friendship will still be there,
& we'll be ok..won’t we
everyday people ask me
"are you two goin out?"
&& you dont realize how painful
it is to reply-
"no, just friends"
&& theres just something about love songs
that makes me wish you were still here
I'm missing you to death but it's all for the best, I know
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