Quotes added on Tuesday, May 23 2006

the point that i have come across since we last met is the pain to my heart since we last seen what truly lies inside our deep dark tormented eyes!
NoTHiNG+CouLD+TeaR+uS+aPaRT=FoReVeR WiTH You
the truth..
is you could slit my throat
&& with my one last
gasping breath i'd apologize
for bleeding on your shirt

-Taking Back Sunday♥
& I don’t want those fancy love scenes,
those Romeo & Juliet poems, those 5 a.m.
wake up calls, those "we'll be together forever
promises". just you.&.me right here. right now.
only you could fix things...except your to clueless to know what the hells going on!!
i just need a man!!
LOVE!...it has the bests and the worsts of life!
When you're throat starts to quench&&tinqle
&& your heart qets so warm the heat `;
travels throuqh your bodyyy; when your stomach
starts to feel those ` unforqivinq butterfliesss
that sparkks that instant flow of tears `;
that's the WORST pain you'll ever feel.
That's called heart<|3break
&& all i want if for him to be standinqq `
outside my window on christmas morninq
holdinq a siqn that says --
'' santa forgot one ''
it was cold ;; your hands were shakinqqq
&& i stepped in front of you just to
wrap my arms around you as i said --
'' let's pretend winter isn't here. ''
&& as you buried your head in my shoulder `;
you said '' Let's pretend the snow isn't
the ONLY thinq fallinq fast ''
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