Quotes added on Wednesday, May 24 2006

Now i die for one more day because there's something i should have told you...
'cause we were meant to be suppose to be but we lost it ...
your eyes as we said our goodbyes can't get them out of my mind and i find i can't hide from your eyes the ones that took me by surprise the night you came into my life where theres moonlight i see your eyes how'd i let you slip away when i'm longing so to hold you now i'd die for one more day becasue theres something i should have told you, yes i should have told you when i looked into your eyes why does distance make us wise? you were the song all along .. and before the song dies i should tell you i should tell you i have always loved you... you can see it in my eyes.

sometimes you have to be strong for yourself. you have to know that you are a good person and a good friend. what is meant to be will end up good and what is not won't. relationships are worth fighting for but sometimes you can't be the only one fighting. at times, people need to fight for you. if they don't, you must just move on and realize what you gave them was more than they were willing to give you. hopefully, people realize great things when they come around and don't lose something real. always fight, until you can't anymore, and then be fought for
there comes a point in everyone's life when you have to
stop caring about what other people think or say and
finally start to do whatever makes you happy.
you have to realize that you don't have to live up to other people's conception of how you're supposed to be and finally become yourself.
they'll give you hell for every choice you continue
to make that they don't approve of but it's your life - not their's
and until you realize that you will continue to live your life
for other people and their happiness. not your own.
don't be afraid of change. you may be losing
something good but you'll probably end
up gaining something better.
not everyone can realize when they have something good in front of them.
so they go out and look for something better and then it takes a lot for
them to realize that there isn't anything better, cause everything they
could possibly want is right there in that ONE person.
A person can apologize endlessly. And even
if you forgive them, sometimes you can't fight
the pain they have caused you.
whad do u do when u slip on a kiss and find your first love and it feels rite at the time but them when the fairytales all over and it seems like hes the one u need and for whatever reason hes just not urs anymore it all seems like u can never have him again and it all seems like everything reminds u of him and u hope and dream he thinks bout being w/ u as much as u think bout being w/ him and the hardest part is standing rite next to him knoing that u cant have him. He's the one of those guys that you think you have a chance with..the way he looks at you, that smile he gives you..that laugh he only laughs when you're around. He's one of those guys that you finally realize you don't have a chance with until it's too late. When all the damage is already done. He's the kind of guy that you realize you have absolutely no chance with until after he breaks your heart!
&& its the way you make
Me smile when I dont even
want to lauph......
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