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Who I am

People really dont know who i am. i keep everything locked upside, and thats why people dont know who i am. i dont like opening up to people and the way i feel about things, thats just not who i am. i hate the way i look and feel. i am alway getting depressed and crying myself to sleep at night. it seems like the world is out to get me, but at the same time everyone is leaning on me and i never turn them down. The tables seem to turn tho when i am the one who is in trouble and no one wants to help me. But i just let it go but it will always be in the back of my mind how they didnt want to help to out. Thats just how i am, keeping everything hiden so0 no one knows who i am, even when i wanna tell sumone there is no one there to listen to me

[[ True story ]]
saving you x3

maybe it's the way you
say my name or the way i
get butterflies everytime
we talk. or the way you
make me laugh even when
nothings funny, whatever
it is.. i'm not letting you go
No one ever said you aren't allowed to try.
So give us a chance. You never know
what could happen;
Dear My Heart,
It's over now. You can come out & stop hiding.
He's gone, and he's not coming back ever.
No more burting and pain. You're finally saved.
You're free to do what you want to do.
I hope you're happy. I tried to warn you of
what he would do, but you didn't listen.
You decided to give him a chance anyway.
All it got you was pain. Just like i said you would.
Oh my poor, broken heart, what have you done?
You always get in the way, and it causes the rest
of me to have a total melt down. It's all your fault.
- me.
More than a crush
Less than a love ;
I don't know what
this is, but i know that
i don't want to lose it<3
It's about time things got better
I really couldn't take this anymore
Seeing you around any girl, and
hearing about you being around them
That's the kind of stuff the made me
just want to give up. Hearing you
say all those nice things about me,
and hearing that i'm all you ever think
about. That's what gave me the
hope to hold on ; <3
If you really cared as much as you say you do.
I'd be your dream girl. The only one on your mind.
I'd be perfect just the way i am. You would love
me more than anything or anyone else in the world,
and you would tell me it often. You would always
know just how i feel, just by looking in my eyes.
You'd always know how to make me laugh or smile.
We would be the perfect couple. Best friends,
soul mates, partners, everything ; <3

That's just a dream though, and this would never
really happen. So, i give up on these fantasy
perfect life things. They're just false hope. <3
You give me hope, when i feel like there
isn't even a reason to b e l i e v e ; <3
Its those long summer days relaxin at the p.o.o.l.
parties all the time cause we dont have school.
The i.n.s.i.d.e.j.o.k.e.s. that make us laugh till we cry,
acting so crazy people think were h.i.g.h.
All the [somedays] and [remember whens]
are why we'll a l w a y s be BeSt FrIeNdS<3

italics*parties, laugh
underline*summer, school, crazy
bold*[somedays], [remember whens]
comic sans ms size 10

credit = me
you can use it if you wantt
drama, lies, crazy fights,
arguing over guys and staying up all n.i.g.h.t.
four hour bus rides and shoppin at the mall
me and my girls have done it all.
<-*->aNb<-*-> (thats my logo lOl)
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