Quotes added on Monday, May 29 2006

long days;; <i>longer</i> nights
sumemr <b>love</b>;; summer fights
spending <u>every moment</u>. with your friends,
summer memories that will last til the e n d.
SUMMER 06' <3

make it
I'm smiling because I just made-out with your boyfriend while you were in driving class.
&& i sat there thinking, the answer might be yes. but then you turned your back and was gone forever. i now sit here with a broken heart, but i will always love you. always<3
Guys make you seem special in all little ways. They make you feel awesome all the time! Yet, have you noticed what your friends are like? I mean, they made you seem special too. They also made you feel awesome. Now then why do you let him take you too a movie, when your friends are waiting for you at the other.?
& & suddenly . . .
NOTHiNG mattered anymore
she was lost in a world with no one there to
help her through life no one to
tell her how to live or how to be happy <3
If Drama was beer
Our school would be wasted
Love is like a rollerrcoasterr ;; we go up ;; we go down ;; but in the end.....i come off with the biggest smile on my face
and you said..
girls like you
and boys like me
are girls and boys
that arent meant to be </3
i dont know why we fight so much
or what we fight about
we both know we're different people
but arent we something worth fighting for?
&& just like that..
i'm part of your past.</3
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