Quotes added on Wednesday, May 31 2006

Rollin' with my homies.
everything happens for a reason. don't ever doubt it.
it seems like yesterday we were younger wanting to be older, but now i don't want to grow up i just want to have those memories again.
i love you and i always will don't ever forget that.
be who you wanna be. don't let people tell you that your not good enough for something. don't let people look down on you because eventually you'll start to believe that. everyone has a perpose in life and if someone tries to tell you that you don't. look them straight in the eye and tell them that they must not know what theirs is.
when i eat breakfast
i am not hungry anymore
and then i go to school
bananas are yellow
but they dont taste like pickles
that would be gross<3
i hate people that have blonde hair
omg! i have blonde hair!!!
wait no i dont i have red hair
shampoo smells nice x3
i played by the rules and i almost died!
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