Quotes added on Sunday, June 4 2006

and in the end, you just wanna be with the one that makes you happy
We've laughed&cried&laughed some more.
We've shared our darkest secrets.
Now what do we do?
Start all over again.
i never belived in fairy tales till
i met you because you are
m y happy e n d i n g
I decided I'd wait for you..
Forever's too long..
&& i want you to know
that i will always love
you no matter what happens

i miss you <|3
you have always been there for me
no matter what. stuck by my side.
always had my back. my bests-love

i love my friends;
(lists friends names here)
So you see y0u and mE,
We're gettin close to the danqer zone.
Show me how- Tell me now,
Should I stay? or Should I go?
Cause I'm cAuqht between yes and no..

Should I stay? -bold
Should I go? -bold
yes -italic
no -italic
you know you love me
but you hide it from everyone else
you hide in the shadows
and hope that no one knows
you hope they don't know about the love you have for me
you hope that your love will be blind enough so that you couldn't even see
you hope that friends is all we will be
but deep down you want so much more
it's burning right through your fragile core
you are so hopeless you don't know how blind you really are
you try to hide it so deep and so far
far away so no one can see
but only one person can see right through you, and that's me
yes, I can see right through your fragile core
and I can see that you want so much more
but you don't know this because you hid it so deep inside
and all you try to do is hide
you hide from the tears
you hide from the pain
you hide from all your fears
but that leaves you with nothing to gain
you're afraid no one will care...
well, I am right in front of you, and I care.
class of oh'six
been through so much
ill miss middle school
but cant wait til higschool
i'm missing your laugh
how did it break?
and when did your eyes begin to look fake?
i hope you're as happy as you 're pretending
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