Quotes added on Monday, June 5 2006

never underestimate those who you scar because karma comes back to you .. hard ..
some gurls i kno are like pennies..worthless & 2 faced

*monique,pilar,marissia* .. jus a few "pennies" i kno
Your Falling In Love;; && Now Your Scared Cusz You've Been Down This Road Before;
What does ((he)) have that the rest don't...
--------*----------> My *|*heart*|*
love at first sight
you made me belive
©{boyfriends name}©

im me 4 edits
& & she was too
weak to hold on
ohh boy<<3
i dnt think you know wut
ur doing to me wen u kiss me
like tht___x3
"nobody's right when it comes to music." - Ville Valo
----<3*( all i want isz ur fingertips on mii hips
----<3*( so that maybe juss maybe we can dance the night away
----<3*( like S H A K I R A bcuz its a musical transaction...
R O S E S are red
violets are B L U E
i think your god damn sexii
and u should think i am too!!!
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