Quotes added on Tuesday, June 6 2006

sometimes when your lost he finds you
& she will never let go of what they had...
Time goes by so fast.
People go in and out of your life like that.
It must its amazing, after all we have been through
the good times and the bad, how we can walk by
each other & pretend it never happened.
Give each other a polite little awkward smile,
then go our separate ways
cory: it`s an interesting feeling, you know?
shawn: what, knowing it`s over?
cory: no, being the only person in the world knowing it isn`t.
--Boy Meets World
You may not end up where you thought you'd be, but you'll always end up where you were meant to be..
in life we learn a lot of things.
which movie theatres have cup holders,
which classmate is most reliable to cheat off of,
how to give and take advice, how and why to love,
which roads harbor hidden cops, times to laugh or cry,
and which towns have your bank's branch.
but among the most important things we learn is this:
just because we argue doesn't mean there's no love,
and just because we aren't related
doesn't mean we aren't family
I Know You Will Never Care
Im Done

And if there ever is a day
when you realize
You really cared for me

I Wont Be Here

*Any Edits you can come up with
I --don't-- know why

I'm feeling sorry for *myself*

I spend all my time wishing that

I was |someone| else
so we fall for stupid boys
we make lots of dumb mistakes
we like to act stupid,
talk really fast, && laugh really loud
but us teenage girls,
we're really good at one thing
S T A Y I N G S T R O N G <3
i hate heights
but babe you make the fall look so appealing
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