Quotes added on Thursday, June 8 2006

When you have a once in a lifetime friend, you're always together no matter how much distance is between you. Real love stretches, and bends; it does not see state lines.

best friends are not the people you spend the most time with,
But they are the people you share the most memories with
i want a guy that will make me happy . someone that will make me smile when i hear his voice . someone that will love me unconditionally . i want a guy that will make my friends say to one another " shes happy again
i'm so happy i found the guy who ;
laughs at my stupid jokes,
puts up with my bitchy moods,
goes along with all my crazy ideas,
& yet still sees the best in me.*
In the best, most desirable way - you scare me. But I love the way you scare me but it makes me nervous and then I say or do something really stupid so I spend all this energy coming up with ideas to be smart so that you don't think I'm stupid and those ideas inherently backfire therefore making me look more stupid. It's a vicious circle, and I'm at the end of my rope because all I really want to do is kiss you and I feel if I don't kiss you soon I'm gonna explode.
I should've known that you were too good to be true. I should've known that I'd lose you..
Now that I'm with you....
... I can't picture myself with ANYONE else!
do u have a band-aid because i scraped my knee when i fell for you.
Do you have what it takes to be unique?
It's your average tragic love story. Girl likes boy, boy doesn't notice girl, girl moves on, boy likes girl, girl likes boy again, girl dies in tragic blimp accident. Oh the beauty of love
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